Title Force Type Category Difficulty Equipment Muscle Groups
Dumbbell Military Press: All On One Arm, Then The Other Push Dumbbell Intermediate Dumbbells, Fat Gripz Shoulders, Arms, Anterior, Lateral, Triceps
Jumping Jack Bosu Burpee Overhead Lockout Lunge N/A Plyometrics Elite None required Legs, Chest, Shoulders
L's 30 degree angle. N/A Prehab Intermediate Incline Bench Back, Shoulders, Upper, Traps, Posterior
SB Push Up to I's to Pike to Push Up N/A Core Elite Swiss Ball Chest, Shoulders, Core, Lower
Barbell Shoulder Press: Standing, Split Stance Push Bodybuilding Athletic Barbell Bar, Squat Rack, Fat Gripz Shoulders, Chest, Arms, Upper, Triceps
Incline dumbell front raise Push Dumbbell Athletic None required Shoulders, Arms, Anterior, Forearms
TRX Standing Roll Out Static Bodyweight Beginner TRX Core, Chest, Shoulders
Side plank w Rotation, Pulse & Weight N/A Core Athletic Ab Mat, Dumbbells Core, Shoulders, Obliques
Cable Rows Pull Bodybuilding Intermediate None required Back, Arms, Shoulders, Biceps, Forearms, Posterior
Single Leg To Opposite Arm Straight Leg Deadlift W/ Row To Bicep Curl Kettle Bell And Stick Agility Athletic None required Legs, Shoulders, Back, Lats
Tricep & Shoulder Stretch N/A Stretching Beginner None required Shoulders, Arms, Posterior, Triceps
Butt Lifts Push Bodyweight Intermediate None required Core, Shoulders, Anterior
In-Outs Bodyweight Intermediate None required Core, Shoulders, Upper Abs, Lower Abs, Anterior
Dumbbell Fly on Ball Push Dumbbell Intermediate None required Chest, Shoulders, Arms, Anterior
Dumbbell Front Raise: Supinated-Grip, Alternating Pull Dumbbell Intermediate Fat Gripz, Dumbbells Shoulders, Arms, Anterior
standing halo N/A Kettlebell Beginner None required Shoulders, Core, Back, Obliques, Upper
Tricep Dips: Machine Push Bodybuilding Intermediate Weight Assisted Dip Machine, Fat Gripz Arms, Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Anterior
TRX Knee Tucks N/A TRX Athletic TRX Core, Shoulders, Upper Abs, Lower Abs, Anterior
Squat Thrust (1/2 Burpee) Push Bodyweight Beginner None required Core, Shoulders
Front Rasie Push Bodybuilding Beginner Dumbbells Shoulders, Anterior
Dumbbell Cheer Press: Seated Push Dumbbell Intermediate Flat Bench, Dumbbells, Fat Gripz Shoulders, Chest, Arms, Upper, Triceps
Stride Board Lunge And Kettle Bell Overhead Lockout N/A Endurance Athletic None required Legs, Core, Shoulders
SS: Spider Man Push-Ups Push Bodyweight Athletic None required Chest, Shoulders, Arms, Triceps
Front Raises: E-Z Curl Bar, Supinated, Grip Pull Bodybuilding Intermediate EZ Curl Bar, Fat Gripz Shoulders, Arms, Anterior
I's N/A Dumbbell Athletic Dumbbells Back, Shoulders, Upper, Posterior