Title Force Type Category Difficulty Equipment Muscle Groups
Wall sit Goal Posts N/A Prehab Intermediate None required Legs, Shoulders, Chest, Back, Posterior, Upper
Cable Rows Pull Bodybuilding Intermediate None required Back, Arms, Shoulders, Biceps, Forearms, Posterior
Clocks N/A Core Athletic None required Core, Arms, Shoulders, Posterior
I's Dumbbell Flip N/A Prehab Intermediate Dumbbells Back, Shoulders, Upper, Posterior
Side Plank w Rotation N/A Core Athletic None required Core, Shoulders, Back, Posterior, Upper
Overhead Squat Push Core Elite Barbell Bar Legs, Back, Shoulders, Posterior
Inch Worm N/A Prehab Athletic None required Core, Shoulders, Legs, Posterior, Hamstrings
Spartan Switch Lunge Push Cardio Intermediate Dumbbells Legs, Core, Shoulders, Posterior
Pitcher Pours N/A Dumbbell Beginner None required Shoulders, Posterior, Anterior
Tricep & Shoulder Stretch N/A Stretching Beginner None required Shoulders, Arms, Posterior, Triceps
High to low Rope Row Pull Prehab Intermediate Single Cable Grip Attachment, Swiss Ball Back, Shoulders, Upper, Posterior
1 arm resistance band row Pull Resistance Bands Beginner None required Back, Arms, Shoulders, Lats, Biceps, Posterior
Reverse Fly on SB Pull Exercise Ball Intermediate Swiss Ball, Dumbbells Shoulders, Back, Posterior, Lower
Scapula Pushup Push Prehab Intermediate None required Back, Chest, Shoulders, Upper, Posterior
Lying Opposites N/A Core Intermediate Swiss Ball Core, Back, Shoulders, Lower, Posterior
Active El Doa N/A Prehab Intermediate Ab Mat Core, Shoulders, Posterior
Reverse Fly on Bench @ 30 degrees Pull Dumbbell Intermediate Incline Bench, Dumbbells Shoulders, Back, Posterior, Upper
Back Extension on Ball N/A Bodyweight Intermediate None required Back, Legs, Shoulders, Lower, Glutes, Posterior
Inverted Row: Pronated-Grip Pull Bodyweight Intermediate Smith Machine, Ab Mat Back, Shoulders, Arms, Upper, Posterior
Wide grip pulldown Pull Bodybuilding Beginner None required Back, Arms, Shoulders, Biceps, Posterior
High Rope Face Pulls Pull Bodybuilding Intermediate Tricep Rope Attachment (Double Grip), Fat Gripz Shoulders, Arms, Posterior, Biceps
90x90 Stretch w Prop and Hand Sweep N/A Stretching Intermediate Fitness Balls Back, Shoulders, Upper, Posterior
I's N/A Dumbbell Athletic Dumbbells Back, Shoulders, Upper, Posterior
Ball Scapula Release N/A Stretching Intermediate None required Shoulders, Back, Posterior, Upper
Side Lateral Raises: Prone On Incline Bench, Dumbbell Pull Bodybuilding Intermediate Dumbbells Shoulders, Posterior, Lateral