Title Force Type Category Difficulty Equipment Muscle Groups
Barbell Deadlift Pull Bodybuilding Elite Barbell Bar, Lifting Straps Back, Legs, Core, Lower
High Knee Squat Tuck Pull Cardio Intermediate None required Legs, Core
Tripod Row Opposite Knee Tuck Pull Core Elite Single Cable Grip Attachment Core, Arms, Back, Lower
Bosu Skier Hops Cardio Elite Bosu Ball Core, Hips, Flexors
Med Ball Twist w/ Deceleration Pull Core Athletic None required Core
Lateral Twist w/ Grab Bag Pull Core Athletic None required Core
Around The World Push Core Athletic None required Core
Ball Drop with Shoulders Up N/A Core Intermediate Ab Mat, Medicine Balls Core, Hips, Inside, Lower Abs
Tripod Row Static Core Athletic Single Cable Grip Attachment Core, Arms, Back, Lats
Resistance band Overhand triceps extension Push Resistance Bands Beginner None required Arms, Core, Triceps
standing halo N/A Kettlebell Beginner None required Shoulders, Core, Back, Obliques, Upper
In-Outs Bodyweight Intermediate None required Core, Shoulders, Upper Abs, Lower Abs, Anterior
SS: Toes Pushes & Alligator Walks Bodyweight Intermediate None required Legs, Arms, Core, Calves, Triceps
Push Ups Push Bodyweight Beginner None required Chest, Core
Lunge w Rotational Raise w Kettle Bell Kettlebell Intermediate Kettlebells Legs, Shoulders, Core
Reverse Crunches: Shins on Stability Ball Pull Exercise Ball Intermediate Ab Mat, Swiss Ball Core, Legs, Back, Hips, Arms, Lower
Incline dumbell triceps extension Push Dumbbell Intermediate None required Arms, Core, Triceps
Hip Extension Pull Warm Up Beginner None required Hips, Core, Outside, Obliques
Reverse Crunch w Lift with Swiss Ball Core Athletic Swiss Ball Core, Hips, Inside
One Legged Bench Squat Push Bodyweight Athletic Flat Bench, Plyo / Step-up Boxes, Wooden Plyo Box Legs, Core, Hamstrings, Glutes
Bench Lateral Hop Cardio Elite Flat Bench Legs, Core
Dip Rack Knee Raises w Weight Core Athletic Dip Station, Dumbbells Core, Lower Abs
Decline Sit-Ups Pull Core Intermediate Decline Bench Core, Upper Abs, Lower Abs
SS: Plank Slider Push-Ups Push Bodyweight Intermediate None required Chest, Arms, Core, Shoulders, Triceps
Battle Ropes: Alternating N/A Cardio Athletic Battle Ropes Shoulders, Core, Arms