Title Force Type Category Difficulty Equipment Muscle Groups
Push Ups - Alternating Hand Release on Medicine Ball N/A Bodyweight Athletic None required Chest, Arms, Triceps, Biceps
Pull Throughs (Dynamic Stretching) N/A Warm Up Beginner None required Shoulders, Chest
Swiss Ball Plank Static Bodyweight Intermediate Exercise Ball Core, Chest
Sledgehammer Tire Strikes N/A Agility Elite Sledge Hammer, Tractor Tire Arms, Back, Core, Chest, Legs
Frog Tuck Burpees Push Cardio Athletic None required Legs, Core, Chest, Shoulders, Anterior
Chest Press to Alternating Lockout Push Dumbbell Intermediate Dumbbells, Swiss Ball Chest, Legs, Core, Glutes
Chest Press Push Dumbbell Intermediate Ab Bench, Dumbbells Chest, Arms, Triceps
TRX Standing Roll Out Static Bodyweight Beginner TRX Core, Chest, Shoulders
Modified Levitating Butterfly Core Beginner Ab Mat, Dumbbells Core, Chest
Ab Crunch and Chest Press Push Bodybuilding Beginner Dumbbells, Yoga Mat Core, Chest
Steering Wheel Static Warm Up Beginner Olympic Rubber Grip Plate, Olympic Grip Plate Shoulders, Chest, Anterior, Lateral
Chest Press Decline Push Dumbbell Beginner Decline Bench, Dumbbells Chest, Lower
Medicine Ball Pushups Push Bodyweight Intermediate Medicine Ball Chest, Arms, Core, Triceps
SB & MB push Up Push Exercise Ball Elite Swiss Ball, Medicine Balls Core, Arms, Chest, Triceps, Inner
TRX Chest Press Push Bodyweight Beginner TRX Chest, Arms, Shoulders, Core, Triceps, Anterior
Spiderman Push-Up Push Bodyweight Intermediate None required Arms, Chest, Shoulders, Core, Triceps, Anterior, Obliques
Burpee With Push-up N/A Plyometrics Elite None required Core, Legs, Arms, Chest, Triceps
Bench Press With Barbell Push Dumbbell Intermediate None required Chest, Lower, Upper
Flat Bench Press: Dumbbell, Neutral-Grip, Two-Arm Push Dumbbell Beginner Dumbbells Chest, Arms, Upper, Triceps
Flat Bench Press: Dumbbell, Two-Arm Push Dumbbell Beginner Dumbbells Chest, Arms, Lower, Triceps
Core Crusher Push-Ups Push Bodyweight Athletic None required Chest, Core, Legs, Quadriceps
Pull-Overs: Dumbbell Pull Dumbbell Intermediate Dumbbells Chest, Back, Arms, Triceps
Jumping Jack Bosu Burpee N/A Plyometrics Elite Bosu Ball Chest, Legs, Shoulders
Flat Bench Press: Barbell Push Bodybuilding Intermediate Barbell Bar Chest, Arms, Lower, Triceps
Spiderman Push-up Bodyweight Elite None required Chest, Arms, Core, Triceps, Obliques