Title Force Type Category Difficulty Equipment Muscle Groups
Supermans Core Beginner Ab Mat Back, Legs, Lower, Glutes, Hamstrings
Single Leg 90 Knees Pullover Core Intermediate Ab Mat, Kettlebells Core, Back, Lats
Tricep Extension on Chair Push Bodyweight Intermediate None required Arms, Back, Triceps, Upper
Tripod Row Opposite Knee Tuck Pull Core Elite Single Cable Grip Attachment Core, Arms, Back, Lower
Rear Rows: Prone On Incline Bench, Dumbbell Pull Dumbbell Intermediate Incline Bench, Fat Gripz, Dumbbells Shoulders, Back, Posterior, Upper
Planks Heel to Toe Rocks N/A Core Intermediate None required Core, Back, Lower
Single Leg To Opposite Arm Straight Leg Deadlift W/ Row To Bicep Curl Kettle Bell And Stick Agility Athletic None required Legs, Shoulders, Back, Lats
Combo- Side Plank Up and Down w Rotation Stir the Pot Donkey Kick N/A Core Elite Ab Mat Core, Back, Upper, Lower
Inverted Row: Supinated-Grip Pull Bodyweight Intermediate Smith Machine, Ab Mat Back, Arms, Upper, Biceps
Cat Cow N/A Stretching Beginner None required Back, Core
Double Arm Row on Bench 30* N/A Dumbbell Beginner Dumbbells Back, Lats, Upper
I's N/A Dumbbell Athletic Dumbbells Back, Shoulders, Upper, Posterior
Balanced Stir the Pot, Halo, Tricep Extension and Reverse Crunch Core Athletic Ab Mat, Kettlebells Core, Back, Lower
standing halo N/A Kettlebell Beginner None required Shoulders, Core, Back, Obliques, Upper
Bosu Crunch Core Intermediate None required Core, Back, Lower
Inverted Row (Slow) Pull Bodyweight Athletic Smith Machine Back, Arms, Lats, Biceps
T-Bar Row: Standing, Wide Grip Pull Bodybuilding Intermediate Fat Gripz, Lifting Straps Back, Arms, Lats, Triceps
Rotational Row In Lunge Endurance Intermediate Single Cable Grip Attachment Legs, Back, Core, Lats
Jump Pull Up N/A Plyometrics Elite Pull Up Bar Attachment Legs, Back, Lats
Seated Rows: Close-Grip Pull Bodybuilding Intermediate Row Machine, Fat Gripz, Double D Handle Attachment Back, Arms, Lats, Lower, Biceps
Overhead Lockout Lunge W Kettle Bell Cardio Athletic None required Legs, Back, Hamstrings, Upper
Moto Rows: Neutral Grip Pull Bodybuilding Intermediate Cable Crossover Machine, Single D Handle Attachment, Ab Mat, Fat Gripz Back, Lats, Lower
Upright Rows: Barbell, Close-Grip Pull Bodybuilding Intermediate Barbell Bar, Fat Gripz Back, Shoulders, Traps, Lateral, Anterior
Deadlift Pull Bodybuilding Intermediate Barbell Back, Legs, Lower, Hamstrings, Glutes
Bosu Tilt N/A Core Athletic Bosu Ball Core, Back, Chest, Upper