Title Force Type Category Difficulty Equipment Muscle Groups
Sledgehammer Tire Strikes N/A Agility Elite Sledge Hammer, Tractor Tire Arms, Back, Core, Chest, Legs
Single-Arm Dumbbell Row: Knee On Bench Pull Dumbbell Beginner Dumbbells, Flat Bench, Fat Gripz Back, Lower, Lats
Seated Rows: Neutral-Grip, Single-Arm, D-Handle Pull Bodybuilding Intermediate Single D Handle Attachment, Fat Gripz, Lifting Straps, Row Machine Back, Arms, Lats, Lower, Biceps
High Row with Tubing Pull Resistance Bands Beginner Exercise Tube Back, Upper, Lats
Foam Roller Angels N/A Stretching Beginner Foam Roller Back, Shoulders, Upper, Posterior
Reverse Crunches: Toes on Stability Ball Pull Exercise Ball Athletic Ab Mat, Swiss Ball Core, Hips, Legs, Back, Arms, Lower
Lat Pull-Downs: Pronated-Grip, Single-Arm, D-Handle Pull Bodybuilding Intermediate Single D Handle Attachment, Fat Gripz, Lat / Mid Row Machine Back, Arms, Lats, Upper, Triceps
Deep Push Up w Scapula Set Bodyweight Intermediate None required Chest, Arms, Back, Triceps, Upper
Upright Rows: Barbell, Behind Back Pull Bodybuilding Intermediate Barbell Bar, Fat Gripz Back, Shoulders, Upper, Posterior
Kinesis Standing Lat Interval N/A Cardio Intermediate None required Back, Arms, Core, Legs, Upper
Lat Pull-Downs: Wide-Grip Pull Bodybuilding Intermediate Lifting Straps, Fat Gripz, Lat Bar Attachment Back, Arms, Lats, Triceps
Chest Raise Superman N/A Core Athletic None required Back, Core, Lower, Upper
Wide Squat, Wide Curl, Hulk Pose Pull Bodybuilding Beginner Dumbbells Arms, Back, Legs, Biceps, Upper
Inverted Row: Pronated-Grip Pull Bodyweight Intermediate Smith Machine, Ab Mat Back, Shoulders, Arms, Upper, Posterior
Ws on Stability Ball Core Intermediate Swiss Ball Back, Lower, Upper
Resistance band Stiff leg deadlifts Pull Resistance Bands Beginner None required Legs, Back, Hamstrings, Glutes, Lower
Single-arm dumbell row (hypertrophy) Pull Dumbbell Intermediate None required Back, Arms, Biceps, Forearms
Hamstring Curls Single Leg Pull Exercise Ball Elite Ab Mat, Swiss Ball Legs, Core, Back, Hamstrings, Glutes, Calves, Lower
Straight Arm Pulldown Pull Bodybuilding Intermediate Cable Crossover Machine, Lat Bar Attachment Back, Shoulders, Lats, Upper, Posterior
Side Stretch With Swiss Ball Static Stretching Beginner Exercise Ball (Swiss Ball) Back, Core, Lower, Obliques
Bent-Over Dumbbell Row: Neutral-Grip Pull Dumbbell Intermediate Dumbbells, Fat Gripz Back, Arms, Lower
Rear Rows: Prone On Incline Bench, Dumbbell Pull Dumbbell Intermediate Incline Bench, Fat Gripz, Dumbbells Shoulders, Back, Posterior, Upper
Mobility Down Dog N/A Stretching Beginner Ab Mat Legs, Back, Hamstrings, Lower, Calves
Is on Swiss Ball Core Athletic None required Core, Back, Lower
L's 30 degree angle. N/A Prehab Intermediate Incline Bench Back, Shoulders, Upper, Traps, Posterior