Title Force Type Category Difficulty Equipment Muscle Groups
Barbell Shoulder Push Press: Standing, Split Stance Push Bodybuilding Athletic Barbell Bar, Fat Gripz, Squat Rack Shoulders, Chest, Arms, Upper, Triceps
Reverse Crunch Pull Core Beginner Yoga Mat, Ab Mat Core, Lower Abs, Upper Abs
Hamstring Curls Single Leg Pull Exercise Ball Elite Ab Mat, Swiss Ball Legs, Core, Back, Hamstrings, Glutes, Calves, Lower
Single Arm KB Swings Overhead N/A Kettlebell Athletic Kettlebells Legs, Shoulders, Core, Glutes, Posterior
Inverted Row: Pronated-Grip Pull Bodyweight Intermediate Smith Machine, Ab Mat Back, Shoulders, Arms, Upper, Posterior
Explosive Mt. Climbers w Bosu N/A Bodyweight Intermediate Bosu Ball Legs, Core, Hips, Quadriceps, Flexors
Seated Rows: Neutral-Grip, Single-Arm, D-Handle Pull Bodybuilding Intermediate Single D Handle Attachment, Fat Gripz, Lifting Straps, Row Machine Back, Arms, Lats, Lower, Biceps
Bosu Slow Motion Mt Climbers Core Athletic Bosu Ball Core, Arms, Triceps
Barbell Reverse Lunges: All On One Leg, Then The Other Push Bodybuilding Athletic Barbell Bar Legs, Quadriceps, Hamstrings
Rear Rows: Prone On Incline Bench, Dumbbell Pull Dumbbell Intermediate Incline Bench, Fat Gripz, Dumbbells Shoulders, Back, Posterior, Upper
Hand Plank w Swiss Ball w Leg Lift Static Core Elite Swiss Ball Core, Shoulders, Posterior
Leg Blasters N/A Plyometrics Athletic None required Legs, Glutes
Single-Arm Dumbbell Row: Knee On Bench Pull Dumbbell Beginner Dumbbells, Flat Bench, Fat Gripz Back, Lower, Lats
Russian Twists w MB Exercise Ball Athletic Swiss Ball, Medicine Balls Core, Legs, Glutes
SB Push up plank w Leg Lift Static Exercise Ball Elite Swiss Ball Core, Chest, Inner
Barefoot Overhead Squat Push Prehab Athletic None required Legs, Arms
Barbell Shoulder Press: Seated Push Bodybuilding Intermediate Flat Bench, Barbell Bar, Fat Gripz Shoulders, Chest, Arms, Upper, Triceps
Hip Stretch Seated Static Stretching Beginner None required Hips, Flexors
Reverse Crunch w Lift with Swiss Ball Core Athletic Swiss Ball Core, Hips, Inside
Dip Rack Knee Raises Bodyweight Intermediate Dip Station Core, Lower Abs
Weighted Step Up Push Bodybuilding Athletic Dumbbells, Flat Bench, Plyo / Step-up Boxes, Wooden Plyo Box Legs, Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Glutes
Medicine ball push ups feet on box N/A Bodyweight Athletic Medicine Balls, Plyo / Step-up Boxes Core, Arms, Chest, Triceps, Inner
Core Crusher Push-Ups Push Bodyweight Athletic None required Chest, Core, Legs, Quadriceps
Horizontal Leg Press: Single Leg Push Bodybuilding Athletic Leg Press Machine Legs, Hips, Glutes, Quadriceps
Foam Roller Angels N/A Stretching Beginner Foam Roller Back, Shoulders, Upper, Posterior