Title Force Type Category Difficulty Equipment Muscle Groups
Chest Pullover Dumbbell Athletic Dumbbells, Flat Bench Chest, Shoulders, Anterior
DB Rows on Bench Pull Dumbbell Beginner Flat Bench, Dumbbells Back, Arms, Lats, Upper
Split Squat Push Bodybuilding Intermediate Flat Bench, Dumbbells Legs, Core, Quadriceps, Hamstrings
Bridged Dip Push Bodyweight Beginner Wooden Plyo Box, Flat Bench Arms, Shoulders, Triceps, Anterior
Bench Dips: Feet on Bench, Plate On Lap Push Bodybuilding Athletic Barbell Plate, Flat Bench, Wooden Plyo Box Arms, Chest, Triceps
Smith-Machine Shoulder Press: Behind The Neck Push Bodybuilding Intermediate Fat Gripz, Smith Machine, Flat Bench Shoulders, Back, Arms, Upper, Triceps
Pullover on Bench N/A Dumbbell Beginner Flat Bench, Dumbbells Back, Core, Lats, Obliques
Barbell Shoulder Press: Seated Push Bodybuilding Intermediate Flat Bench, Barbell Bar, Fat Gripz Shoulders, Chest, Arms, Upper, Triceps
Arnold Press: Seated Push Dumbbell Intermediate Flat Bench, Dumbbells, Fat Gripz Shoulders, Arms, Triceps
Flat dumbell press Push Dumbbell Intermediate Flat Bench Chest, Arms, Shoulders, Triceps, Posterior
Skaters Lunge off Bench w/ Weight Push Dumbbell Athletic Flat Bench, Dumbbells Legs, Glutes
Reverse Hyper-Extensions: Bench with Stability Ball, Feet On Ground Pull Core Beginner Flat Bench, Swiss Ball Legs, Hips, Glutes
Barbell Bench Press Push Bodybuilding Beginner Flat Bench, Barbell Chest, Arms, Shoulders, Triceps, Anterior
Chest Press on Bench Push Dumbbell Beginner Flat Bench, Dumbbells Chest, Arms, Triceps