Title Force Type Category Difficulty Equipment Muscle Groups
Barbell Deadlift Pull Bodybuilding Elite Barbell Bar, Lifting Straps Back, Legs, Core, Lower
Tripod Row Opposite Knee Tuck Pull Core Elite Single Cable Grip Attachment Core, Arms, Back, Lower
Bosu Skier Hops Cardio Elite Bosu Ball Core, Hips, Flexors
Bench Lateral Hop Cardio Elite Flat Bench Legs, Core
X Pull N/A Core Elite None required Core, Arms, Back, Biceps, Upper, Triceps
Pikes and Pushup in SB Push Exercise Ball Elite None required Arms, Back, Core, Triceps, Lower
Box Jumps: High Level Push Plyometrics Elite Wooden Plyo Box Legs, Hips
Stride Board Lunge And Kettle Bell Press N/A Endurance Elite None required Legs, Shoulders, Core, Anterior
Pistol Squats: Smith-Machine Assisted Push Bodybuilding Elite Smith Machine Legs, Quadriceps, Glutes
Depth Box Jumps Push Plyometrics Elite Wooden Plyo Box Legs, Hips, Core
Explosive Superman N/A Plyometrics Elite None required Back, Core, Lower
Plyo Pushup Bosu Pull Plyometrics Elite None required Core, Arms, Chest, Triceps
Combo- Side Plank Up and Down w Rotation Stir the Pot Donkey Kick N/A Core Elite Ab Mat Core, Back, Upper, Lower
Hamstring Curls Single Leg Pull Exercise Ball Elite Ab Mat, Swiss Ball Legs, Core, Back, Hamstrings, Glutes, Calves, Lower
Stair Master Cardio: Steady State, Step Variations N/A Cardio Elite None required Legs, Hips
Stride Board Lateral Lunge and Kettle Bell Overhead Press Kettlebell Elite Kettlebells Legs, Core, Shoulders
TRX Handstand Pushups Push TRX Elite None required Shoulders, Back, Core, Upper
Jumping Jack Bosu Burpee N/A Plyometrics Elite Bosu Ball Chest, Legs, Shoulders
Jump Pull Up N/A Plyometrics Elite Pull Up Bar Attachment Legs, Back, Lats
Rapid Fire Front Kicks N/A Cardio Elite None required Core, Legs
Sledgehammer Tire Strikes N/A Agility Elite Sledge Hammer, Tractor Tire Arms, Back, Core, Chest, Legs
Hand Plank w Swiss Ball w Leg Lift Static Core Elite Swiss Ball Core, Shoulders, Posterior
Single Leg Bosu Hop Plyometrics Elite Bosu Ball Legs, Quadriceps, Calves
Barbell Sumo Deadlift Pull Bodybuilding Elite Barbell Bar, Lifting Straps Legs, Back, Core, Hamstrings
Vertical Leg Press: Smith-Machine, Close Stance Push Bodybuilding Elite Ab Mat, Smith Machine Legs, Glutes, Hamstrings, Quadriceps