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Sandbag Ground To Shoulder

from Jodi Scott Trevizo

This works best with a sandbag or can be used with any kind of heavy item that has a soft exterior that doesn't shift the weight around when moved. Grab the sandbag using a handle on each side, squatting down. Keeping your core tight (!!), lift the sandbag and flip it to one shoulder. Flip it back down to the ground, barely touching the floor, bending your knees. Repeat the same motion to bring it to your other shoulder.
Helpful tips and Tricks
Use your hips and core to get the sandbag up to your shoulder. If you look at the hips in the video, it is similar to a kettlebell swing in the motion
Why it works
While it would seem that this move uses your arms, but it is an intense core exercise. You have to brace your abs to make sure your back is supported.
Target Muscles
None required