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Eldoas Zombie Position

from Tim Skafidas

Lying flat on your back on a mat, bend your legs at 90 degrees with a flat back and a tight core. Then bring your hands straight over your shoulders rotating your pinky's to the mid line of the body. Keep your shoulders flat to the mat, and tucked down to your butt. Tuck your chin slightly, stretching the back of your neck to the mat. Keep micro adjusting, knees out so it is hard to keep a flat back, shoulders flat on the mat and towards the butt
Helpful tips and Tricks
Work on deep breathing while keeping a tight core, and keep adjusting everything as it gets harder as you hold longer.
Why it works
This exercise is great for resetting the forwarded rounded posture from life, especially biking, computer work, talking on the phone, driving ext...
Target Muscles
None required