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Eldoa V Position

from Tim Skafidas

Start by sitting tall on a mat, pushing up through the ground, with the straightest spine you can do (legs in a "V" position). Then pull your toes back on the body, lifting your heels off the floor (with straight legs flexing your quads). Rotate your feet in, and reach straight up with your hands (as you flatten your hands like holding a box) while rotating your pinky's to the mid line of the body. Keep your back as straight as possible.
Helpful tips and Tricks
My back was slightly rounded (due to tightness while filming 40+ exercises), but normally it would be neutral. Your quads/flexors may cramp.
Why it works
This works on opening up the fascia of the body, especially hands, forearms and hamstrings. I look tight in this demo, but usually am not.
Target Muscles