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from Jodi Scott Trevizo

1) As in the Squat Thrust, start by standing, then crouch all the way down, planting your hands down in front of you. 2) Pressing into your hands, thrust your feet all the way back behind you to come to a push-up position 3) Complete the push up (I did two reps with a modified push up, and two with regular push ups) 4) Jump your feet back to the crouch, and then jump into the air. For beginners, simply stand instead of jumping.
Helpful tips and Tricks
You can intensify this burped with doing a tuck jump at the end, or a high knee jog, or a star jump. There are lots of options here!
Why it works
Burpees sound weird, but are one of the best over all cardio and bodyweight exercises out there!
Target Muscles
None required