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Active El Doa

from Tim Skafidas

Lying on a mat, bend your knees at 90 degrees with a flat back. Then tuck you shoulders towards the mat and your butt. Bring your hands straight over you shoulders, hands open flat, pinky's rotated to the mid line of the body. Look down to your chest, stretching the back of the neck to the mat. Keeping all of these postures, sweep one leg to the floor getting straight at floor level, then raise it up while locked out, foot flexed back, alternate.
Helpful tips and Tricks
Constant re adjustment is the key- shoulders down on the mat and to your butt, hands open, flat back - then sweep the leg up while maintaining posture
Why it works
This is great for re adjusting forwardly rounded posture, and working core, mobility and opening fascia especially forearms and hamstrings.
Target Muscles