Title Force Type Category Difficulty Equipment Muscle Groups
Pass the Ball N/A Exercise Ball Beginner Swiss Ball Core, Upper Abs, Lower Abs
Finisher Matrix Pull Bodyweight Athletic None required Arms
Lateral Step Up Finish Push Bodyweight Athletic None required Legs
Standing Bicep Curls Using A Pilates Ball Pull Bodybuilding Beginner None required Arms, Biceps
Supermans Core Beginner Ab Mat Back, Legs, Lower, Glutes, Hamstrings
Single Leg 90 Knees Pullover Core Intermediate Ab Mat, Kettlebells Core, Back, Lats
Lunge With Weights Dumbbell Athletic None required Legs, Quadriceps, Glutes
Bird Dog Core Intermediate None required Core, Legs, Glutes
High Knee Squat Tuck Pull Cardio Intermediate None required Legs, Core
Resistance band curls Pull Resistance Bands Beginner None required Arms, Biceps, Forearms
Tricep Push Downs: Close Grip Push Bodybuilding Intermediate Preacher Curl Attachment, Fat Gripz Arms, Triceps, Biceps
Bridge 4 Way Glute- Feet Together Knees Out N/A Bodyweight Beginner None required Legs, Glutes, Hamstrings
Dumbbell Military Press: All On One Arm, Then The Other Push Dumbbell Intermediate Dumbbells, Fat Gripz Shoulders, Arms, Anterior, Lateral, Triceps
Tricep Extension on Chair Push Bodyweight Intermediate None required Arms, Back, Triceps, Upper
Wide Squat, Wide Curl, Hulk Pose Pull Bodybuilding Beginner Dumbbells Arms, Back, Legs, Biceps, Upper
Jumping Jack Bosu Burpee Overhead Lockout Lunge N/A Plyometrics Elite None required Legs, Chest, Shoulders
Biceps Curl on Cable Crossover Machine Pull Bodybuilding Beginner None required Arms, Biceps, Forearms
L's 30 degree angle. N/A Prehab Intermediate Incline Bench Back, Shoulders, Upper, Traps, Posterior
Tripod Row Opposite Knee Tuck Pull Core Elite Single Cable Grip Attachment Core, Arms, Back, Lower
Lying Bicep Curls: E-Z Curl Bar Close-Grip Pull Bodybuilding Intermediate EZ Curl Bar, Cable Crossover Machine, Ab Mat Arms, Biceps, Triceps
SB Push Up to I's to Pike to Push Up N/A Core Elite Swiss Ball Chest, Shoulders, Core, Lower
Swing Lunges Push Bodyweight Athletic None required Legs, Hips, Quadriceps, Hamstrings
Barbell Shoulder Press: Standing, Split Stance Push Bodybuilding Athletic Barbell Bar, Squat Rack, Fat Gripz Shoulders, Chest, Arms, Upper, Triceps
Medicine Ball Pushups Push Bodyweight Intermediate Medicine Ball Chest, Arms, Core, Triceps
Bicep Cable curl Pull Bodybuilding Beginner Cable Crossover Machine Arms, Biceps