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Why Become an Online Personal Trainer?

Personal Training Online

Interested in becoming an online personal trainer? Here are the benefits of becoming part of the future of the fitness industry before everyone else does.

You love being a personal trainer. But it's hard work. And the effort doesn't always match the income.

What if you could make more money not by working more hours, but by increasing the scope of your training?

Online personal training will allow you to do just that.

Create your own hours, play by your rules, increase your clientele, and boost your income by becoming an online personal trainer.

Check out the information below to learn more about online fitness and how it can benefit the lifestyle of you and your clients.

You're in High Demand

According to the US Department of Labor, personal trainers are in high demand. Employment for fitness instructors is estimated to grow 10% from 2016 to 2026 - faster than the average for most occupations.

Additionally, trends in the workplace are are boosting the fitness industry. Companies have a growing focus on employee health and wellness and are offering incentives for such behavior.

It's common today for employees to receive perks for measuring steps, starting gym memberships, or working with trainers.

It's clear that you are in a sweet spot professionally. High five.

Take advantage of this outlook on your field.

Offer your skills online. Why wouldn't you when it's where people spend the majority of their time?

Being an online personal trainer is such a positive and powerful way to use the expanse and influence of the internet.

Flying Solo Is Preferred

Going to the gym and being surrounded by people exercising can be motivating for some. But not for others.

Some people feel intimidated by gyms or self-conscious of their body.

In an online survey, 77% of 1,200 adults, age 24 to 44, said they prefer to work out alone.

Among that 77%, there are surely people who would love to work with a trainer, but don't want to do it face to face or go to a gym.

By being an online personal trainer, you can cater to the majority of people who prefer exercising solo.

No Gym in Sight

Conversely, consider the people who don't live near a gym.

Or maybe they don't like the fitness center in their town.

As an online personal trainer, you can really help those people! As long as they have an internet connection, you can train them in their living room or basement or wherever they please.

Furthermore, not everyone can afford an at-home gym. Exercise machines are expensive. For those who don't have at-home gyms, your workouts and basic equipment can get them into shape in an affordable and easy way.

Dolla Dolla Bills

You probably enjoy working one on one and in person with your clients. And you're most likely getting paid per session.

But what if you could conduct more than one session at a time?

Working as an online personal trainer virtually allows you to be with multiple clients at once.

Are there dollar signs in your eyes yet?

Consider this example. If you took on 100 clients at $100 per month, that is $10,000 each month!

Realistically speaking, you would probably have to decrease your in-person training hours to focus on the online business, at least at first. But the financial return will certainly be worth it.

Tricks of the Trade

With focused planning, access to the right online tools, and strong marketing, you'll have a great online fitness business.

The following are tips on how to begin and find success as an online personal trainer.

Group Your Clients

You may be thinking, "Even if I cut back on my in-person training, how will I have time to work with 100 extra clients per month?"

The way to handle larger clientele is by grouping client types and then customizing as you go.

A suggestion is to create 3 - 4 types of programs for each type of client. Each client type you work with will receive a similar workout plan depending on how they are categorized. You can then work individually with that person, tweaking their plan so it's specific to their needs, target areas, possible injuries, etcetera.

For instance, a client wants to tone her glutes and legs, but she has knee problems.

You would give her your lower body workout plan, but customize it by eliminating certain moves and adding modified exercises for weak knees.

As you take on more clients with various physical limitations, you'll have a library of videos and workout plans ready to go to suit many different needs.

By grouping people and then customizing their workouts, you can give the individualized attention that personal training is all about.

But What If I'm not Tech Savvy?

Don't worry at all! You don't have to be a computer whiz or know internet coding to work as an online personal trainer.

There are amazing companies out there who can take care of the tech and design elements for you.

Online tools like Xerofit work with trainers to create professional, sleek designs of workout plans and high-quality videos that can be viewed on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

You'll impress your clients with cutting-edge technology and impressive looking resources.

Using software tools to create client materials will save you time. Just design the routines and send them off to the experts.

Don't waste your time worrying about the technical aspect; focus on offering solid personal training.

Resources for Clients

By using design software, you'll also establish a strong and consistent brand. Here are some of the resources you can offer clients:

  • A fitness library: For your client with all the videos they need. These videos should feature you, no other trainers. This is your brand and your style - stick to it and build trust with your clients
  • A workout builder: Kick stale spreadsheets to the side and get a sexier look. An effective workout builder will allow you to drag and drop videos or text. You should then be able to share workouts with clients instantly. They can easily print these lists, too.

  • A profile page: You'll set yourself apart from other trainers by having your own domain URL. Here users can see your certifications, proof of license, accomplishments, specialties and read about you and your fitness approach.

  • Online videos: You want to have easily accessible and attractive content. Here is an example of what a well-produced video looks like.

To be an efficient online personal trainer, you have to manage your time. Take advantage of the terrific tools out there that do the complicated, behind-the-scenes tech work for you.


As you're starting out, you may not know how to price your workout packages. And it's important to consider the differences between an online personal trainer versus an in-person experience.

Keep yourself up-to-date and competitive by researching other online trainers and compare what they are offering.

Additionally, be sure not to decrease your value. Many online personal trainers may offer deals or lower their prices. If you do that, you're sending the message that your product isn't as valuable as others.

Consider over-delivering to the clients you do have. Don't lower your prices; offer your clients more than what they may expect.

You can do this by giving them extra videos or tips, checking in regularly, or offering them nutritional information.

They'll feel valued and that they are really getting a bang for their buck.

For more insight, here is a great resource on how to package and sell your online classes.

Online Personal Trainer Convenience

There are many reasons why fitness instructors enjoy offering their services online. And there are just as many if not more reasons why clients love the online relationship, too.

Convenient for You

You can avoid dealing with the regulations that some gyms may enforce with personal training.

You may want your workouts to last an hour and fifteen minutes, but the gym you work for states that they can only be an hour.

With your online business, you can create the workouts for as long or as short as you'd like. You can also customize them for a duration that the client prefers.

You can adjust your own working hours, too.

It's likely that you work very long days. You might teach a class early in the morning and then have to meet with a client late into the evening.

You can choose when you're available to work with clients. You'll be your own boss and report to one else but you.

Ideally, fewer hours will be spent working and more money will be made. Hustling as an online personal trainer means working smarter, not harder or longer.

Convenient for Your Clients

Your online training business will offer so many perks for clients.

Online fitness is excellent for busy people or for those whose schedules change quickly. They can access your workouts when it's convenient for them and they don't have to worry about making it to the gym on time or rescheduling.

In addition, online training is often times more affordable. By paying you directly, clients are avoiding a monthly gym fee.

Having an online personal trainer is also ideal for people who travel. They can take your customized workouts with them anywhere in the world.

Online fitness is a win-win situation for both client and trainer.

Cast a Wide Net

Let's say you're a personal trainer in Jacksonville, Florida. Most of your clients probably come to you from the Jacksonville area by word of mouth or from local advertising.

You can work on growing your client base as large as possible but there are only so many hours in the day and so many people you can fit into your schedule.

Imagine expanding your fitness brand and experience to the entire country and even beyond that. As an online personal trainer, your reach can be great. You could work with someone on a different continent!

Reviews and referrals of you will come from the online community, which is vast. Think of the possibility!

Get Your Message Out There

It's important that you create and implement a strong marketing campaign for your business. That's really how your work as an online personal trainer will have soar.

You can advertise on the internet as well as relying on word of mouth and your personal community.

Get active on social media. People on average spend 135 minutes per day on social networking sites. It's crucial that you take advantage of these platforms for advertising.

You can pay for ads or plug yourself!

  • Post videos on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter
  • Create Pinterest posts of your workouts
  • Make a profile on Google+
  • Network on LinkedIn

Talking about your fitness plans, offering client reviews and previewing your workouts on social media is essential for growing your business.

The internet is an incredibly large community and an especially great place for advertising. The connections you make will blow you away.

Online Certification

If you're interested in being an online personal trainer but don't have the certificate yet, it's possible for you to obtain one online.

There are programs available that offer online courses that are affordable, convenient, and recognized in the fitness industry.

Buiding a career as an online personal trainer is in reach for you, even if you have never worked in a gym before.

Get Started!

There is no time like the present. Take all of the skills you've learned in your hours at the gym or working independently with clients and apply it to your online presence.

Create an account with us to build your online personal training business. The first seven days are free! We'll do the technical, heavy-lifting work and leave the amazing workouts up to you.

With the ease and independence of running your own business, you will surely love being an online personal trainer.

Your clients will love the convenience and accessibility. And they'll have to tell their friends how they got their amazing new body - from you! A trainer who they can work with at any time, any place.

Get started today and enjoy your increased capacity to help people, larger income and a more efficient work life as an online personal trainer!